Sustainability Leadership

Nov 17, 2020 | News

We’re super excited and proud to have been selected for the accelerator programme by The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership!! The institute is a globally influential institute developing leadership and solutions for a sustainable economy.

The fast fashion industry has far-reaching impacts on both people and the planet. It accounts for ten percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, depletes natural resources particularly water, uses harmful chemicals in great quantities, and generates vast levels of waste and micro-plastic pollution once in use.

Rapid innovation is needed to revolutionize the fashion industry as we know it. Garment production is one of the world’s largest and most labour-intensive industries with estimates of 75 million people worldwide and mostly women. Crucially, the supply chain funnels more money toward modern slavery than any other industry besides tech.

Today’s designers and fashion brands have the tools, technologies, and ingenuity to meet these challenges head-on, make positive change, and re-imagine currently damaging systems. The CISL Accelerator is working with early-stage start-ups and established fashion SMEs on a mission to do just that.

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