who we are

two lives is a partnership between two designers based in London and one manufacturer in Portugal. Between us we have more than fifty years of experience within the fashion industry, from working with big corporates to setting up and running small businesses.

what we do

We want to make the most of what is already available. All our clothes are made from leftover textiles.  We rescue these materials to give them a second life, which means we never have to produce new textiles for our collections, reducing the impact on the environment. Because there is only a certain amount available of each leftover fabric, every style in our collections is produced in limited numbers.

We have partnered with a manufacturer who fully supports our idea of sustainability and ethical practice.

why do we do it

Everyone should know what they’re wearing! We choose sustainability over seasons and trends. By utilising and upcycling textile waste we are contributing to a more sustainable future. We believe one person can make a difference and every one of us should try.