what we do

Two Lives was founded in 2019 in London by creatives Niklas Vila Karpe and Tina Lilienthal with the aim to address the vast amount of waste being created by the fashion industry, which today is the world’s second largest polluter. According to Fashion Revolution an estimated 92 million tons of textile waste is created annually, and every second the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned globally. Having seen wasteful practices first hand at factories worldwide it is our mission to give textile waste a second life by reusing and upcycling textile leftovers, reprocessing unsold stock, and eliminating deadstock.

why we do it

Because we care. We believe that existing systems are no longer fit for purpose as they were designed for a retail reality that no longer exists. We need to think of supply as something dynamic, responsive, and variable rather than static and create a circular approach. Upcycling textile waste reduces the impact on the environment making the manufacturing process more sustainable. We are turning waste into a commodity by remaking it into beautiful, high-quality products.

how we do it

Together with our partner factory in Portugal we utilise existing materials and turn them into new products adding value to previously discarded materials. We manufacture using renewable energy and have ethical, social, and environmental compliance certifications.

We help big corporates and small brands to achieve their sustainability goals whether this means reaching their net zero carbon targets or turning their unsold t-shirts into brand new designs and products.

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