Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen

May 30, 2024 | News

We recently attended the Global Fashion Summit by Global Fashion Agenda in Copenhagen. What a densely packed couple of days it was. We had the chance to catch up with known acquaintances as well as meeting new and interesting people and organisations.

Here are some of the areas covered in the panel discussion and talks:

– Systems Change: It Starts With Ourselves
– The Preferred Fibre Face-Off
– Enabling Efficiency and Sustainability Through Traceability
– Design With Intent: From Inspiration to Collaboration
– Unlocking Global Collaboration
– Tackling Transparency: From Farms to Fabric
– Fragmented Futures: Fashion’s Policy Agenda
– Lead or be Led
– Future Fibers: Enabling the Circular Model

Thanks to Nicole Rycroft, Sophie Mather, António de Sousa Maia, Christine Goulay, Paul Polman and Ryan Gellert for delivering inspiring and insightful discussions

Collectively we already know what needs to be done, we have done the research and collected the data. Now we have to act on this. We need to stop talking and start doing. As Edwin Keh put it: version 1.0 may not turn out perfect, it may be messy but at this stage action trumps perfection. We are all like mice that have decided that putting a bell on the cat is a good idea, we now need to work out how to do it!

Systemic change needs to be driven from the inside out as well as from the outside in through legislation. Every individual, organisation and company has the power to make a change and to improve existing inefficiencies. We must start to give back more than we take. Profits and purpose have to align. What will you do today towards a net positive future?

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