Responsible running

  • Recycled ocean plastic

    We have teamed up with Cornwall based running brand PONNEK. Established in 2022 PONNEK was born out of an obsession for running and its inherent culture – with a mindset of bringing something to the Cornish running community, not taking from it. The idea for a collaboration came about as one of our founders, Niklas, crossed the finish line at an event at Dartmoor National Park and met Sam Downing, founder of PONNEK. Sharing an appreciation for nature and the sport we decided to address the fact that not enough is being done in the sportswear industry to tackle pollution and plastic waste. With PONNEK being based near the sea it seemed fitting to address the issue of ocean plastic waste.

  • Cleaning the oceans

    The premium capsule collection is made from recycled ocean plastic that has been turned into performance textiles using SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a unique collaborative community fighting plastic pollution, working together to help clean our oceans, raise awareness of the issue of marine litter and highlight those helping to fight it. They do so with ocean clean-ups around the world to bring value to the waste that they recover. So far 200 tons of marine litter have been transformed into SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC yarn which is then turned into textiles. #TOGHETHERFORACLEANOCEAN

  • In keeping with our values of responsibility and transparency, we have included QR codes on each of the garments with all the information. We have kept the supply chain as short as possible, producing the entire range in Portugal with our partner Cunha & Ribeiro. The factory has the highest standards in terms of fair wages and ethical compliance and produces with 50% renewable energy (with the aim to move to 80% by 2025).

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