Creating a climate-friendly society

  • Upcycling deadstock textiles

    In order to create more responsible brand merchandise in line with Deutsche Telekom‘s corporate strategy we are creating garments made from repurposed leftover textiles. Working closely with the LOVE MAGENTA brand team we develop ideas and designs that are on-brand and also address the issue of sustainability. By utilising discarded fabrics we save water and energy as we don’t have to produce new fabrics.

  • Upcycling deadstock garments

    To reduce the amount of unsold leftover garments we are utilising previous season’s t-shirts to create brand new LOVE MAGENTA products such as zip pouches and drawstring bags. This way we give discarded products a new lease of life. Each t-shirt produces either 4 zip pouches or 1 drawstring bag.

  • Upcycling suit jackets

    Turn old into new: we converted leftover suit jackets from the Deutsche Telekom business line into a practical crossbody bag for LOVE MAGENTA. Together with your manufacturing partner in Portugal Cunha & Ribeiro we were able to upcycle 1 suit jacket into 6 new individual bags.

  • Recycled smart shopper

    Together with tech start-up goodbag we have developed a smart bag made from 100% recycled textiles for LOVE MAGENTA. By scanning the NFC chip on the bag while shopping this smart shopper plants trees or helps clean up the ocean.