Honest surf gear

  • Robin Kegel as a shaper is most commonly known by the name of Gato Héroi. He shapes radical re-do’s of past eras and rides them with 240 volts of style. The name Gato Héroi (Cat Hero) emphasizes Robin’s unique character with a vision and innovative style that’s always ahead of everyone else. With bases in Japan, California, Italy, Morocco, France and Australia he has established a cult following.

  • Working closely with Robin we have developed a range of board shorts that is not only iconic in style but also responsibly produced. We have kept the supply chain as short as possible, producing the entire range in Portugal with our Partner Cunha Ribeiro. The factory has the highest standards in terms of fair wages and ethical compliance and produces with 50% renewable energy (with the aim to move to 80% by 2025).

  • In order to minimise waste we have reduced the amount of samples we create at the development stage. This requires good planning and communication with the client. Being a premium collection the garments have been manufactured with great care and attention to detail. This gives every piece a longer life.

  • Get your surf on here.