Upcycling ad banners

  • Innovation, sustainability and collaboration are united in this bag: a former Audi mega-poster as material, the tech from goodbag and our upcycling expertise. Before it was handmade into one of 75 unique and strictly limited edition bags, it was a billboard at the main train station in Bern. If you look closely, you might be able to make out the part your bag was made from.

  • What makes this bag special?

    This bag is made out of an upcycled Audi Megaposter

    Limited Edition of 75

    Extremely sturdy and weatherproof

    Every bag and it’s design are unique

    For every bag sold we plant one tree

    Connects with the goodbag app

    Every time you re-use it you can collect plastic and plant more trees with the goodbag app

  • Original Audi Megaposter from Bern train station.

    Get your own upcyled Audi banner bag here